In the framework of the project CLAUSTRA+ we have prepared an adventure for the whole family!

It starts between Vrhnika and Logatec, where the longest section of claustra Alpium Iuliarum, called the Ajdovski zid, is situated. The wall is about 7 km long and once stood as many as 35 defence towers. Two of them have been partially reconstructed during the Claustra+ project.
The late roman wall has been abandoned for centuries. However, his life has never disappeared. The forest around it is home to many plants and animals and a very interesting and varied landscape. So set out for the Emerald Adventure along the Ajdovski zid!

A Roman called Julian and a very interesting inhabitant of these forests, the emerald earthworm will lead you along the way. An important task awaits you on the way: you have to find Latin proverbs and collect stamps. You can take a trip with your family or school, but you can also take organized guides that take place once a month (more at Škrateljc).

There are as many as four starting points for the Emerald Adventure, where you can get your Emerald Adventure notebook. These are:
• TIC Vrhnika – Visit Vrhnika (Tržaška cesta 9, Vrhnika)
• Exhibition area Moja Ljubljanica (Tržaška cesta 32, Vrhnika)
• Coffee and pastry shop Kljukec (Stara cesta 3, Logatec)
• Guesthouse Mesec on Zaplana (Jerinov Grič 44, Vrhnika)
When visiting do not forget to check the opening hours of the locations!

When you get your notebook, you have to go to the starting point of the route. The Emerald adventure begins along the old road between Vrhnika and Logatec, right at the junction for Zaplana. It is well marked (GPS: 45.944832, 14.246776). You can park your car there; otherwise, the route is accessible by bus as the bus stop is right at the starting point of the route (ZAPLANA station). The route, that takes you along the late roman wall, is exactly 4 km long in both directions (the adventure continues on the way back along the same path), and together you will overcome 266 meters in height.

On the way, you get to know the Romans and their traces in our localities, but also the things that are still alive today (Roman numerals, Latin sayings …). However, not only that, you also get to know the very interesting nature that surrounds the Ajdovski zid. Your job is very important. You have to observe the nature around you well to discover the hidden Latin proverbs and collect stamps. You have to write them down and print them in your notebook. A special prize awaits you at the finish line: shh, with it you will be able to enjoy an interesting board game Across the Ajdovski zid, which is in the notebook!

Enjoy the adventure discovering the secrets of surrounding nature and history!