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Partnerships for the Conservation and Revitalization of Heritage of the Claustra Defense System


In the framework of the Claustra+ project (Cross-Border Destination of Cultural and Green Tourism claustra Alpium Iuliarum), the project partners and other stakeholders have signed a Consortium Agreement on the establishment and operation of partnership for the preservation and revitalization of the claustra barrier system on 31 May 2019.

By implementing various activities, the partnership encourages the preservation and revitalization of the heritage of claustra as a whole and contributes to its recognition as one of the most important monuments of Slovenia and Croatia with outstanding significance in the context of the entire world history. The partnership or the consortium is a voluntary, non-profit association of legal entities and is not an independent legal entity. Its main aims and at the same time strengths are an encouragement, coordination, long-term care and support in the development and implementation of activities and projects in the field of the Late Roman barrier system claustra Alpium Iuliarum and to bring together and coordinate the stakeholders of this exceptional heritage.

If you recognize yourself in the aims of the consortium, we invite you to join us. You can read more about the operation of the partnership in the Consortium Agreement in continuation and you can also find the Application Form below.

If you have any further questions, feel free to use the CONTACT US link below.