A wall that protected the narrow valleys leading to the Bloke Plateau (Bloška planota).

The Gradišče near Rob barrier is placed on the far northeastern edge of the Bloke Plateau, 6 km east of the Novi Pot barrier. The barrier wall in Gradišče stands out due to its ground plan. The line of barriers from Rijeka in Croatia all the way to this spot goes in the direction of the northeast and in the middle of this barrier section, at the top of the Gradišče Peak (Gradiški vrh), the wall breaks down for 90 degrees and descends the slope to the west.

Approximately 1,300 metres long Late Roman wall extended from the rocky slope of the Dednik Hill towards the east in the valley of the Kobilji curek Stream. It was once fortified with seven towers of square shape. Soon after entering the ravine, the first tower is visible and then beyond the stream, the wall starts to ascend the steep slope of the Gradišče Peak, where the second and third towers stand. The fourth tower is located on the Gradišče Peak, on a flat plateau called “Kraj”), where the wall also turns at a sharp angle towards the southeast. Where the wall begins to descend, the remains of the supports are also clearly visible, all the way to the fifth tower, when we can no longer see them. The barrier leads through a mountain pass to the steep slope of the Mali vrh Peak, where it ends in the middle of the slope. The sixth and seventh towers stand on this section.

From the Gradišče near Rob barrier, it was possible to control the entire valley due to the exceptional view from the Gradišče Peak. Here was an intersection of roads from the eastern and northern directions. The barriers to the south are also visible, namely Novi Pot, Tabršče and Benete, and to the west the Selo pri Robu barrier.