A barrier with a corner tower.

The Jelenje barrier on the Grobničko polje (Grobnik Field) is located about 6 km north of Tarsatica. The view of the barrier and the surrounding area is good, as the peaks above Tarsatica and part of the Kvarner Gulf (Kvarnerski zaliv) are visible.

The Jelenje barrier extends from the Rječina River near the village of Lukeži, through the central part of the village of Jelenje. It continues on the Burinje fallow above Jelenje and then towards the northeast on the steep slopes on the Grobnik Field to Kuba, where it disappears. After about 450 m, we can follow it again in Kalić, from where it gently ascends parallel with the slopes of Borovica, where it ends above the precipitous ravine. The section on the slopes of Borovica closes a slight ascent, which leads along the Karst terrace towards the northwest to the neighbouring Studena barrier. Here, the wall is interrupted again. We can follow it again after about 900 m of air distance towards the northeast, on the Tomažina fallow. Here, it is preserved in the additional length of 430 m.

The barrier, which measures approximately 3,600 m, is of a horseshoe shape and has five archaeologically proven towers. All the researched towers are quadrilateral and facing the inner side of the barrier. They are positioned on the best viewing points and are visible to each other. The angle tower that was positioned where the barrier wall changed its direction is also interesting. Along the larger part of the Jelenje barrier wall, supports are placed at a distance of approximately 4 m.