Guardian of the road to the Bloke Plateau (Bloška planota).

Only 600 metres north of the Tabršče barrier, on the eastern edge of the Bloke Plateau, stands the village of Novi Pot, next to which is the recently discovered barrier with the same name. The 240 m long barrier wall was fortified by two towers.

Roughly a metre high earthen embankment, mostly overgrown with forest, is set perpendicularly to the ridge in the direction from the southeast to the northwest. The Novi Pot barrier starts at the forest trail, where the wall is partially destroyed, from which it ascends for about 100 m to the top of the ridge. At this spot, where the barrier reaches its highest point, the first square tower is positioned centrally on the wall. Geophysical measurements have shown that the tower was passable since a Roman road led through it. The wall then descends the slope to the present-day main road, which completely destroyed the wall in this spot. A few metres below the road, the wall continues and there is a second tower located there. The barrier wall can be traced all the way to the forest trail, where it finally disappears.