A strategic point above the Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko barje).

The Pokojišče barrier with its characteristic strategic position on a distinctly natural break above the Ljubljana Marshes, a levelled terrain along the wall and architectural elements combine the majority of the main features of the barriers of the claustra Alpium Iuliarum system.

The barrier wall with six towers rises above the extreme south-western part of the Ljubljana Marshes. The barrier is set up in the form of a reversed letter “S” and measures 577 m. We can observe it just before entering the village of Pokojišče above Borovnica, from where it extends into the forest in the northwest direction. In a fairly straight line, the first two towers are also visible and behind them the wall turns north and becomes more difficult to recognize. A road to Pokojišče, which is today abandoned, also leads across the barrier, which the road partly destroyed. On the other side of the cut, the remains of the wall are better visible again and run in a slight ascent and slowly follow the natural break on the slopes of Sevec. Four more towers are located there, about 100 metres apart and behind them the barrier slowly gets lost.

All six quadrilateral towers are centrally positioned on the wall and at the Pokojišče barrier. The remains of the supports, which follow one another at even intervals along the barrier, can be observed better than anywhere else in the claustra Alpium Iuliarum system.