A barrier wall on today's state border.

The Prezid barrier extends over a narrow basin-like passage between the Babno Field (Babno polje) and the Prezid Field (Prezidsko polje), in its central part precisely along today’s state border between Slovenia and Croatia. At the site of the international border crossing, the remains are completely destroyed. The entire barrier fits perfectly in the surrounding diverse terrain.

The total length of the Prezid barrier is approximately 2,800 m and it has no documented towers. Its central part runs in the direction from the northeast to the southwest, along the national border, while the northern and southern sections of the wall enclose the Prezid Field in a scissor-like form and run on the Croatian territory.

Due to its shape, the view of the interior of the barrier is very good. Towards the south and east, we can see the peaks of Gorski Kotar and the access from Tršće, from where the Roman road led. In the west and northwest, the view opens up to the peaks of the Javorniki Hills and the Snežnik Mountain, and in the east to the massif of the Goteniška Mountain above Kočevje. In the north, there is the Racna Mountain, and Babna Polica is also visible.