Guardian of the passage from the Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko barje) to Cerknica.

The barrier line in Rakitna, which is well integrated among the natural stone walls, once protected the ancient passage from the Ljubljana Marshes to Cerknica. The 527-metre-long barrier wall runs in a slightly curved line in the direction from the north to the south and is fortified with numerous supports. Two quadrilateral defence towers are also centrally positioned on the wall. The northern tower was slightly larger and the research shows that a Roman road ran alongside it. Immediately next to the barrier from the inner (western) side, the line of a levelled terrain stands out, which is interpreted as a usable space next to the wall.

In the 1960s, smaller archaeological excavations took place on the barrier, where a plinth (extended base) was discovered on both sides of the wall, which was firmly connected to the barrier. Unfortunately, there were no archaeological finds that would help to date the barrier more precisely.