The shortest section of the wall within the claustra Alpium Iuliarum barrier system.

On the hill with the toponym Tabršče, northwest of the Benete barrier, modest remains of a Late Roman barrier can be observed. Among the locals, these remains are still known as the Old Castle on Taboršče (Stari grad na Taborščah) or the Old Castle at the Chapel (Stari grad pri Kapelici).

In the field, the remains of approximately 15 m long barrier are visible as a 1.5 m wide embankment, with a centrally loacetd rectangular tower. The tower measures 6 x 5 m. The barrier was built where the terrain brakes, on the top of a natural shelf. In front of it, there is a valley and on the inner side a gently sloping flatland leading to the Bloke Plateau.

The barrier on Tabršče probably controlled only a smaller road crossing and due to the proximity of the barrier wall in Benete and Novi Pot, it is believed that it was not used as an independent barrier.