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Roman night in Studena

LOCATION Studena, locations “Za Presikom” and “Gumance”. DATE AND TIME 31. 8. 2019 from 16h till 22h. Find out about the history of late roman barrier system claustra Alpium Iuliarum, late roman army, everyday life…

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A new 3D reconstruction – Ajdovski zid

A new 3D reconstruction of the Ajdovski zid (“Ajdovski wall”) above Vrhnika can be seen on the YouTube Channel of the project Claustra+. It is is the longest known section of the Late Roman claustra…

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Archaeological park Ad Pirum

Visit the enchanting archaeological park Ad Pirum! Take a walk along the stone walls of the fort and the barrier walls or visit the museum exhibition in the Stara pošta Inn. Find out more about…

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